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Wolllensak a very pleasant surprise

Throughout a large part of my photographic life I have used and loved a Hasselblad system. Wonderful lenses, so easy to use and basically the only camera I wanted to use. The Hasselblad is wonderfully sharp, but sharpness is not everything for me. I parralleled my medium format work with a 5x4 for the past 30 years but most of the time I chose the Hasselblad due to the desire for the type of image it produced. Although a Hasselblad outfit was expensive, good large format cameras and lenses required a very serious bank roll. Then came digital and many people abandoned many of the larger cameras for very little money. For some reason I ended up with 3 5x4 cameras in a short space of time and a developing collection of lenses.
For some reason I held the view that because it was an old lens it wasn't going to be any good. It is wonderful to be proven so wrong.
The following images are all done with a variety of Wollensak glass from about the 1920-1950 time period. My only problem now, and it is a problem, is which lens do I leave at home :)
Posted on Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 03:16AM by Registered CommenterSteve Nicholls in , , , | Comments1 Comment

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Hey steve

I think your shots illustrate all of the other important aspects of what these lenses bring to the table, texture, nuance,..........a personality. You only have to look at the rendering of texture of the rock formation of your last image to appreciate what you and the Wollensak did for this shot.

August 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJonathan Brewer

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