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Members are Limited Editors

    Hi Folks

    I've made every member who participates on this site a 'limited editor',  this means you have the full control over every journal entry you post, and you are also the moderator of who participates on your entries.   If anyone chooses to become nasty or obnoxious in posting a response to an entry by a member and/or one of your uploaded images, you can delete that individuals response, and you don't have to ask anyone else before you do.

    This is because of the assumption that all members are members here because of who and what you are, and if someone who isn't a member attempts to try to make anyone here miserable, you don't have to wait anyone else to step in, simply delete the offending post. 

   I'm doing this because I've never liked having to ask someone else's permission to moderate/delete something nasty that someone directed to me, regarding a conversation that I initiated.  I believe we all have the right to initiate a dialogue on this site without being flamed/attacked, and if  you are attacked, that you should have the capability to just eliminate that attack yourself right then and there w/o question.

  You have the right to invite or refuse the right for anyone to come to your home, your initiating a discussion or uploading an image is the same thing to me, and so this is my thought process behind this. 

  Take care


Posted on Monday, September 29, 2008 at 11:46PM by Registered CommenterJonathan Brewer in | Comments1 Comment

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I am shooting a high speed Art piece with a Director who I have previously done four of these pieces with and we are thinking of shooting a piece on a 65mm high speed camera would any one on the site be available to talk to me about the Pinrham and Smith series of lenses thanks so much. Best Bob Bushfield E mail bushfieldb@gmail.com

August 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBob Bushfield

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