Magnifiers II - The Kodak Portrait lens


There's no tellin how the light will bounce around in these magnifers.  You angle 'em this way and that, and you get them a certain way, and shoot.  

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First try

A new, to me, P&S Series I 7" lens.  Shot wide open (no other option- iris diaphragm was kaput).


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Magnifiers - The Kodak Portrait Lens


Good evening


Several plastic magnifiers sandwiched together sitting on top of a transparency table used for illumination w/the rough side/fresnel patter facing backwards.   Nothing cerebral spawned this image, just a desire to play w/the Kodak Portrait and the way light bounces around in cheap magnifiers.


Take care




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My Father's print of Winston Churchills Portrait by Yousuf Karsh


My father was into photograhy, and as a WWII vet, he was able to get this copy of the Yousuf Karsh portrait of Winston Churchill.   This jpeg version will not do justice to the print, but will touch on the power of Karsh.  

I've always loved the minimalist aspect of portraiture such as this, only the absolutely necessary elements are included in the portrait, nothing else is there.   Addition by subtraction, 'less is more', and a style that becomes 'cerebral' in its delivery of the SM.

There's Karsh, August Sander, Hurrel, Andre Kertez, and other portraitists who produce magic such as this.  I've seen this image countless times, but looking at even a copy of the print makes me feel like I've just seen it for the first time.   I've also included what's on the back of this copy which tells the story behind the image.






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Light with a Dark Heart - Fuji 100B45 - 305 Kodak Portrait

Juxtaposed a coupla curios until the light coming from the rear and above formed some interesting patterns.  Went away from an inclusive composition and cut into what I thought were the 'nuts n bolts' of the SM. 

This is the Kodak Portrat wideopen @ 1/5 sec.




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