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Front Lens Group - Taylor Hobson 5" F1.5 Projection Lens - 'MetallicTape'

The plumbers and heating guys out there will recognize this, and since it's metallic tape, this really works good w/your lights. 

I was looking at how little I had left and reminding myself I had to pick up some more and then just started throwing it up in the air to see how it looked when it landed, and then made the decision to shoot it.

The transition from best focus to the oof background is both 'lush' and 'lyrical' w/this glass.   Steve Nichols inspired me and got me thinking about the Wollensak Raptor as a very nuanced lens w/his foundry shot, and this glass reminds me of a very soft and SUPERBAD version of the Raptor.

This glass ain't as contrasty as the AeroEktar, yet the nuance and tonality is still striking just like that of the Raptor. 

Taping out this glass back to the focal plane(focused @inf.), I've changed my estimate of its FL to 210-220mm and F2.8 wideopen.

It's time to end my current sojourn w/this glass, stopping @4 images somehow always seems right w/me w/any piece of glass, I don't like shooting and shooting w/the same glass unless I've got a legit idea.   I like going for awhile and then stopping to see where I'm at and where I'm going. 


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